Marbled Coffee Table

This beauty was my first dive into building concrete tables, and it definitely sparked a passion!

I poured this particular top as a 2 ft by 4 ft to maximize the usable space in our small living room without cutting into the walking areas. Our family is big on game nights and Netflix dinners, so a big coffee table makes a big difference!

I just love the marbling effect I was able to achieve on the surface! Plus the food-grade sealer really helps it pop!

I wanted a simple yet sturdy base to rest the beautiful concrete top on, so I chose a hardy 4×4 for the legs and 2×4 timbers for the sides. I carefully cut and sanded down each piece and joined them with discrete pocket holes prior to applying an espresso poly stain for ultimate protection and durability.

With a 500lb-rated bearing roller set into the base of each leg we are able to move the table around with ease while maintaining a clean, safe, and low-to-the-ground aesthetic.

Could your living room or TV den use a modern handmade concrete coffee table like this? I’d love to make you one! Send me an email with the dimensions you’re looking for and I’ll put together a quote!

Email me for a quote!
Email me for a quote!

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